Our Italian Leather


Each leather for the production of our men’s shoes is selected in our prestigious Italian tanneries (Tuscany region). Our calf leather upper part of the shoe is in “full grain” calf leather, to have a compact. In the final finish of the shoe, it will be treated with our moisturizer cream and one of our ecological products, both created in our chemical laboratory, to protect and waterproof calf leather. In the final process, the calf leather will be brushed with saphir wax.
Even the colors we use to hand dyed our calf leather, are created in our laboratory by our expert chemist and designer Barbara Zanni, respecting the rules of nature, so our colors are also ecological.
Our insole, midsole, sole and heel, are completely in leather (not in leather and paper), all cut by our factory.
The lining used for the inside of the shoe is in baby calf 
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