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About Us

Luxury Italian Leather Shoes

The Zanni brand was founded by  the talent, experience and creativity of designer Zanni Barbara. She was born  in Rome in Italy on  6th of july, 1974.  Barbara Zanni comes from a family of craftsmen traders in the bespoke sector. She has always been attracted  and fascinated by everything that is glamorous in style and color and at the same time she studied, when she was 15 years old she started working on  behalf of the family, owners  of 3 boutiques in Rome; Always present in the show business in Paris, London, Madrid, Milan and Florence. She has achieved working experience and she has  grown professionally, exploited her natural talent,  her  emotions which were merely looking at a color, at someone who  walked with charm and elegance or even reading a phrase ..  She then decided to fulfill  these emotions  with great commitment by putting black on white and with enthusiasm she decided to create man’s shoes with the aim of proposing the entity and quality of the Italian leather shoes Made in Italy, maintaining craftsmanship of the past and respecting traditions, creating a perfect blend of innovation and Italian style.

Our primary goal is our satisfied customers, and we make every effort to be clear and responsive to their needs. We always do our best to provide quality work. We select exclusively top quality of fine Italian leather goods,  we entrust manufacturing in expert hands of craftsmen of the territory (Marche region).